Acme Programming Environment

Acme is a text editor/programming environment written for the Plan 9 operating system (see PlanNineFromBellLabs). It takes a substantially different tack than other windowing environments. Among its interesting properties are:

You might look at to learn more about acme. And the paper describing Help, the precursor for acme:

RussCox? (and friends) has ported much of the Plan 9 user-space to Unix-like systems. His plan9port package (PlanNineFromUserSpace) includes acme. See the home page at

The InfernoOs version of acme has been packaged with some extra goodies (wiki editor, irc client, etc) as a standalone program that can run on Windows, Linux and OS X under the name AcmeStandAloneComplex?:

GaryCapell (and friends) has written an acme imitation for Unix called wily. There's a home page at but wily is mostly deprecated in favor of p9p/acme and acme-sac mentioned earlier.

The IonWindowManager organises ordinary managed windows in a similar fashion to Acme. The Wily page above mentions that using the window manager for, er, managing windows might be tidier. Is this a call for a window-spawning text editor with Acme's style of shell integration? Not sure. Will it work under screen(1)?

Sounds like oberon-v4 to me but i never got that far to use it as a crossplatform ide (emacs replacement). see

-- EngelBert?


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