Actor Foundry

The Actor Foundry ( is a JavaLanguage implementation of the ActorsModel.

Here is a simple example of Actor Foundry code, that creates an actor and sends it two messages:

 package osl.examples.xampi;
 import osl.manager.*;
 import osl.util.*;

public class Xampi extends Actor {

public void boot() throws RemoteCodeException { ActorName a2 = create("osl.examples.xampi.Xampi"); send(a2, "relayPrint", "Hi there"); send(a2, "relayPrint", "Lo there"); }

public void relayPrint(String item) { send(stdout, "println", "Xampi relays "+item); Debug.out.println("Xampi prints "+item); } }

Also see ActorsModel, ActorLanguages.

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