Advanced Application Architecture Team

The Advanced Application Architecture Team (A3T) was a group at GemStone Systems, Inc. that was working to help teach Java developers how to develop applications for the JavaTwoEnterpriseEdition (J2EE) platform, particularly application servers running EnterpriseJavaBeans (EJB's), such as (the now defunct) GemStoneJava. We were publishing our work through GemStone's JavaSuccess site. Alumni of the team include RandyStafford, DaveMuirhead, ColleenRoe?, BobbyWoolf, AlanStrait? and BruceWhitenack.

The A3T created FoodSmart, the GemStoneProfessionalServicesIdeaLanguage, and the GemstoneProfessionalServicesFoundationClasses. -- RandyStafford


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