Advantages Of Exposing Run Time Engine

This page addresses the question: what is a RunTimeEngine??

Tentative description: A "database" or data structure containing the variable names and content, operators, function definitions, etc. RunTimeEngineSchema is a toy example of one.
Sometimes, it would be nice if the run-time engine of a program's structure was more easily exposed to the programmer as a data structure or database instead of via special syntax. Here are some of the benefits:

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Quite a few languages do this already, including SmalltalkLanguage. LispLanguage exposes quite a bit of its internals as well, though you seem to not like Lisp very well. Of course, hiding the runtime engine has a few advantages as well - whether or not these tradeoffs are worth it is application-dependent.

Languages which expose their runtime engines:

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Related: There are approaches that try to keep structural and consistency information between transformations from the source language down to the machine code. See e.g. TypedAssemblyLanguage. Though this information is only avaialble to the intermediate phases of the compiler it is a kind of exposition or rather a connection of the higher level structures with the lower level ones.

See also: HiddenDatabaseSyndrome, RunTimeEngineSchema, TableOrientedCodeManagement

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