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Joined as Agile2005 the merger of the AgileDevelopmentConference and XpAgileUniverseConference?.

Was 2004 AgileDevelopmentConference. Did anybody go? Any reports?


The first one was June 25-28, 2003, Salt Lake City, Keynote speaker was Gerald Weinberg, summarizing his 45+ years of watching project teams in action.

Tutorials given by Mr. Ron Jeffries, Robert Martin, Alistair Cockburn, Jim Highsmith, Larry Constantine, Jeff DeLuca? (FDD), Jennifer Stapleton (DSDM), Scott Ambler, Craig Larman, Ward Cunningham, Ken Schwaber, Linda Rising, Joshua Kerievsky, Jens Coldewey, Steve Berczuk, William Wake, Michael Feathers, among others.

The facilitated, peer-to-peer technical exchange sessions ran on the topics of Agile Contracts, Motivation, Clearing Communication Logjams, Transitioning to an Agile Organization, Customer Involvement, Design Patterns, and Retrospectives, being facilitated by people you know: Rachel Davies, Laurie Williams, Jeff McKenna, Pete McBreen, Russ Rufer, Ellen Gottesdiener, Randy Stafford, Brian Marick, and Willam Caputo (among others).

The research papers included YP and Urban Simulation (Alan Borning and Bjorn Freeman-Benson), XP Culture: Why the 12 practices both are and are not the most significant thing (an ethnographics study by Hugh Robinson and Helen Sharp), Observations on Balancing Discipline and Agility (Barry Boehm and Richard Turner), Test Driven Development and the Scientific Method (Rick Mugridge), and Throwing Down the Gauntlet: Finding a Place for Usability Engineering (David Kane). In addition, there are 15 experience reports on topics from "Change your organization" to remote teams, handling legacy systems, fixed scope projects and more.

Each evening ran OpenSpace sessions for all the topics that aren't already included in the program.

A facilitated peer-to-peer exchange Executive Track being led by Jim Highsmith, with talks by Roy Singham, CEO of Thoughtworks, Alan McCormack of MIT, and Kevin Tate, Chief Architect at Alias|Wavefront, and a professional facilitator.

Agile Software Development is an emerging discipline, where there is plenty to teach, exchange and research. The objective of the AgileDevelopmentConference is increase the amount of experiential data being presented, the cross-over communication between researchers and practitioners, and between different specialists.

The conference is designed to fit people with different experience levels and objectives: tutorials for those investigating a new area of practice, technical exchange workshops for experienced people to trade notes, experience reports, research papers, and an executive track for those reporting to upper management.

The AgileDevelopmentConference is to be methodology-neutral, so non-XPers and XPers alike should find discussion, and it aims for both research and practice to be discussed, as well as both social and technical issues.

ADC 2003: There are positive testimonials on the conference site. I went and my impressions are similar to the testimonials -- good mix of people, not just XP developers, but testers, PMs, execs, designers/requirements people, other agile-flavored development advocates. Lots of authors and "thought leaders", everyone very approachable, lots of good conversations. -- JeffreyMiller

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