Agile Experience Group

The Agile Experience Group of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, meets and collaborates to share experiences, suggestions, and ideas about moving software development efforts towards more agile, more lightweight practices. Extreme Programming (XP), SCRUM, Crystal, FDD, and ASD are agile approaches. See for more information.

This group is open to anyone with an interest in Agile approaches, regardless of experience, location, or intent to attend a meeting. Meetings are free.

Our website is:

We meet monthly the Twin Cities, Minnesota area and are a special interest group (SIG) of the ObjectTechnologyUserGroup.

Most meetings are sponsored by Advanced Technologies Integration, Inc.,, who provides meeting space, administrative support, pizza, and drinks for meetings, which are held in Edina at France and 494. Directions are included in every meeting announcement. The first AEG meeting was December of 2001.

The agenda is usually:

Topics have included:

We sometimes put on events with our parent organization, the ObjectTechnologyUserGroup, and occasionally with TwinSPIN,

The Agile_Experience_Group Yahoo!Group is open to the public to read and is how and where meetings get announced. The fastest way to join is to send an email to the group's moderator and founder, Kyle Larson, like so:

To: Kyle Larson

Please answer these questions in your email, as we have been spammed and need to validate your actual interest.

	Your name?
	Your location?
	Your company or school?
	The reason of your interest in the group?
	How you came to know about us?

None of this information is shared with AEG or OTUG members or the Yahoo!Group itself.

Thanks and hope to see you at a meeting!
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