Agile Maturity Model

Is there such a thing? And if not why not? --ChrisSteinbach

The ExtremeProgrammingMaturityModel page has the highest level as "You no longer care what level you have achieved" hinting that such a standard is not desirable.

This attitude, while understandable, avoids the issue that contracts are awarded based on conformance to one or another QA standard. And since all such standards today go against the grain of agile development it can only be an improvement to offer an agile alternative.

CMMi and the likes for software engineering should be debunked for what they are...

I don't doubt it. Still, I would sooner 'play along' to a tune I enjoy.

It is unfortunate that even now there are very few people in the software industry who are fully aware of agile processes. At least not to the extent that they are aware of say RUP or ISO9000. The emergence of an AMM, even if ill conceived, could go some way increasing awareness. Then, to borrow the quote from WittgensteinsLadder, after the customer has used the ideas behind AMM "as steps - to climb beyond them. He must, so to speak, throw away the ladder after he has climbed up it." --ChrisSteinbach

And ... why not?

Do we really want an Agile Maturity Model and the associated baggage? Do we want to create artifacts to prove to some independent auditor that we are following Agile methods? Do we want to publish Planning Game Memos documenting who was there and each User Story selected? Do we want to create matrices mapping Unit Tests to User Stories? Do we want to keep Pair Programming logs? Creating a bunch of documentation based on the off-chance an auditor will swoop in, select your particular project, spend a couple days of looking at piles of paper while ignore the actual software development, award an AMM Level XYZ, and then collect a fat paycheck seems to be in direct opposition to agile development. Don't go there. -- WayneMack

Well, what I said was that I wanted to increase awareness of agile processes. Maybe there are other ways to do this than having an AMM. After all, increased awareness does not imply increased interest (if television commercials are anything to go by).

What about the idea of an AgileSoftwareAward? --ChrisSteinbach

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