Agility Group

Agility Group consists of four members of the IS Department in the Faculty of Business, University of Southern Queensland who are interested in developing an online resource for agile methods for research and practice.

The members of the Agility Group include: Fiona Darroch, Michael Lane, Mustafa Ally and Mark Toleman

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Michael Lane

Here's my start to the agility group's agile methods resources: Here's a survey of agile methods See also: AgileAlliance and AgilePrinciples

We would be interested in any reviews or comments on AgileMethodsMetrics - how to evaluate the success of software projects using agile methodologies

Would also interested in hearing any views or comments on the suitability of agile methods for ComponentBasedSoftwareDevelopment and the suitability of the agile methods approach in large scale CotsImplementations

Fiona Darroch

Agile/XP conferences:

This site is the 'official' Agile Modelling site: This is an eXtreme programming site run by Ron Jeffries - it has lots of good resources: Fiona Darroch

Prominent Agile people: There are also wiki pages which cover other prominents.

The following are Groups etc: Publications, interviews, articles, resources etc.: Agile/XP books: Pair Programming: Development Tools:
Mark Toleman

Mustafa Ally

ThoughtWorks, a leading application development and integration firm, has pioneered the agile approach and used it to successfully deploy systems of all sizes for a host of Global 1000 companies.

Questioning Extreme Programming:


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