Alan Francis


GMail me as alancfrancis or come to

I've abandoned twitter but I'm acf on

As an XpCoach I used to work at ThoughtWorks and ObjectMentor, and spent a spell at ExoftWare. I'm the third independent signatory to the AgileManifesto, As JustaProgrammer I worked at PanasonicOwl (CeePlusPlus, JavaLanguage), and FiveRuns? and EdgeCase? (RubyLanguage)

I worked for myself for a while, but these days I work for LivingSocial?.

I spent some time in the RubyLanguage and JavaLanguage + IntellijIdea, but I've programmed in BasicLanguage, FortranLanguage, CeeLanguage and CeePlusPlus. I'm currently working in ObjectiveCee / CocoaFramework.

I organise the ScottishRubyConference? and NsScotlandConference? every year.

I have 1 wife, 2 kids and 5 Macs, 7 iPhones, 6 iPads and 1 iPadMini.


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