Alarm Bell Phrases On The Job

AlarmBellPhrases from managers:

Note that all four of the above came from the same guy. -- LamontCranston
AlarmBellPhrases from programmers:

You are in for a long, fruitless conversation: We have (or are going to have) questionable code at best, completely alarming code at worst: The program doesn't work: This code will never be done: Others:
AlarmBellPhrases from computers:
AlarmBellPhrases from clients/customers:

Can we keep this demo?

While demonstrating a new application generation tool to a client: ... and 5 years later we were still maintaining the "demo" for them.

Or, spent 300k adding enough features to the demo to make it usable.

We have a great cafeteria, here is the menu:
	Monday		Soylent Red
	Tuesday		Soylent Green
	Wednesday	Soylent Yellow
	Thursday	Soylent Red
	Friday		Soylent Yellow

At least human protein is more nutritious, and tasty, than the sh9t they serve in our caf.

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