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Considering team communication and serendipity, it would be ideal if ALL of the engineers would work in the same one room. However, this ideal application of the WholeTeam of the ExtremeProgrammingCorePractices would seriously limit the size of a largest possible project. Don't get religious on ExtremeProgramming. Fortunately for most extremely large projects, where this may be a concern, it turns out that the project itself can be refactored into a collection of smaller, cooperating sub-projects. The development model for each sub-project may be a perfectly realizable instance of ExtremeProgramming at its finest. The larger project scope, that which deals with component integration, may be handled in a number of other well-known, yet still agile, processes (e.g., Scrum). Therefore, don't distrust ExtremeProgramming for large-scale projects, either!

Works best with personal wireless notebooks for e-mail and e-search, and huge identically appointed (inside and out) desktop machines for the real coding.

See LordOfTheFlies, ProgrammingOutsideTheCube, WorkplacePets, TooComplex, WholeTeam etc.

SlashDot has an article referring to a University of Michigan study showing "war rooms" are twice as productive as cubes.

See for a counter point

See CommonWorkspace

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