Alter The Offer

No matter what you do they won't offer you enough. They're cash-strapped, but with great potential. If they really knew what you can do for them, they'd offer you a truckload of cash. But you really want the job ...


Don't bargain on their original offer. Invent an offer of your own. Will they pay moving expenses? Would they employ some of your colleagues? How about if you worked at home? Could there be a company car at your disposal? How about if they paid tuition for you get another degree? Or maybe they will consider you for a different role? Put together a package you like including several elements they never mentioned, and see if they'll go for it. And don't be afraid to AlterTheOffer again if they still can't do it ...

This can be very powerful, especially if you can write the offer from their point of view and as the absolute minimum you can accept. Consider phrases like "Any two of the following:", and "Up to $DD,DDD in the following benefits ...".

If you just state your absolute least-good acceptable deal, what harm done?

Companies in Germany seem to have a fairly standard strategy against this method: Equal terms for everyone to ensure a good work climate where no-one is preferred against the others.

I'm altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.
Part of the NegotiatingPatternLanguage.


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