Alternative Not Exclusive

I am thinking AlternativeNotExclusive after reading the discussion about mathematical notations on RubyInsteadOfSmalltalk.

First of all, I have just learned a lot from looking at the pages InfixNotation, PostfixNotation and PolishNotation. They make clear the alternatives and where they are used.

The discussion is getting bad tempered, which I personally find unpleasant and distracting from the learning process.

I don't think either author is inclined to give way. There are occasions when the familiar is optimal for one person, just because it is familiar, while another will say, my way is better.

-- JohnFletcher

Please see (mine) and (not mine) (not mine) (not mine).

-- JohnFletcher

My apologies. And thank you for the easily verifiable references; I didn't even know the histDiff script existed. -- RK

Not at all. If you use this then for anything before the latest change, you can pick it up as the web reference.

See also HorsesForCourses, MutuallyExclusiveCategoriesDontScale, MixingParadigms

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