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This is a page on the subject matter of Trust. Although created primary for linking to information related to ChangeManagement of OrganizationCulture, it has relevance to most CommunityOfPractice groups (e.g. WikiCommunity). This paragraph DeleteWhenCooked

Why talk about trust

Communities ranging from Nations (e.g. EU) to small groups of people with regular get-together work well when they are organized, meaning focussed to their tasks. And that is where trust comes in. ...."Page Not FoundOops?, it looks like this page does not exist. If you are lost try using the search box"....[is this a lesson in mistrust?]

What is trust

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FourteenTwentyOne? and Trust

I saw a recent investigative reporting program on a bestseller called FourteenTwentyOne?, published by the same source as that for the DaVinciCode?. Apparently, the unorthodox theory of ancient Chinese mapping the whole world before Columbus caught lots of attention.

My eyebrows were raised when: I am a bit more relieved when I hear: It is good that in some parts of the world, some people still care about ReputationByAssociation?, which has more details at TheAdjunct.

Has this got anything to do with "Trust"? Another day after I get on with my main interest regarding trust. TrustMe :)


Trust as an economic entity

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Trust and Reputation and LeaderShip

Marketing, Communication and Trust

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Trust metrics


Politics and Trust

Trust - HigherPrinciples

Trust in the workplace

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Mending Broken relationships ????

SuccessfulWorkplaceBehavior? is AmatterOfTrust

Starts with SelfManagement and try these: Above taken from
From elsewhere, regarding trust:

Trust is a vital and critical ingredient in any successful collaborative endeavor and, ultimately, one of its most precious assets. Without trust, any system or society, no matter how well-crafted, is prone to failure of its ideals and fragment into various factions of power. Even the tiniest crack of doubt can lead to an escalating mob pouncing on short-term gains to minimize losses. Alternatively, if the system itself isn't trusted, then you'll have a cunning few who manipulate the system behind the scenes to maximize personal gains.

After the loss of trust, at the end of the wreckage are the stakeholders who remain after suspicion or violence have scattered the center. The only way back is ascertain what was excluded or what axiom wasn't correct and regroup.

Note, the significance of Trust arises prior to any automated system of allocating trust, such as TrustNetworks?, as any such system eventually relies on some higher-level trust or inordinate amounts of obfuscation in order to protect the integrity of concerned parties (or data) in its absence. The interesting and important thing is that Gödel ensures us that no system will ever be complete or unbreakable. So, the only real way forward is GoodFaith.

In any case, it is essential that trust and inclusiveness be a foundation that is fostered and built-in and documented into the system as an item of continued support. That also means that domains and processes for conflict resolution and the redressing of grievances must be part of the community lest cynicism creep in and starts PoisoningTheWell. Silence and cloaking the ills of the past are not sustainable options.

Yet another way of looking at it: DoubtIsExpensive?. Doubts of our fellow human beings have have costs Trillions of dollars and many lives. Profit is another indicator of doubt, and it doesn't take much to see that it will tend towards failure in a system without some transcendental purpose. Apathy, psychopathology, depression -- these are all indicators of disease and they are pervasive in our current system. Sit-coms and iPod isolationism are not substitutes for healthy community.

It should be noted, though, that the absence of doubt does not have to veer into recklessness (and should not), it can just as well go towards attentiveness -- the middle way between "skepticism" and "recklessness".

(In any case, the betrayal of trust by community and governmental leaders produces severe disenfranchisement. To correct the existing apathy, one must be gracious and patient, yet earnest -- negligence breeds addiction, dependency, extremism, and slow decay -- history has not been kind in man's journey of self-awareness. Anything which elevates the human spirit encourages trust and helps build the wealth of mankind. ...Kindness goes a long way.)

-- PangaiaProject
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