Ananda Sim

I'm Ananda Sim. I am a consultant, developer, trainer working with MicrosoftAccess, MicrosoftExcel, VisualBasicForApplications, ActiveServerPages, AspDotNet, MacromediaColdFusion, MicrosoftSqlServer.

Recently, I've been interested in UmlDiagrams, ObjectRoleModelling?.

In cases where the modelling tool breaks my train of thought, I go for the simpler tools - Outliners like TreePad (see and Natara Bonsai (see, MindMapping tools like Inspiration Software (see (although it's not as fast as an Outliner) and associative mappers like PersonalBrain (

I'm really keen on InfoCentral - (an object based general purpose tool), but this is no longer a supported Corel product.

My main presence on the web is at I am also at , at and at

I played with GrooveNet


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