Andreas Schweikardt

Da steh' ich nun, ich armer Tor, Und bin so klug als wie zuvor!

I am a Diplom-Informatiker (aka Computer Scientist) in Germany, now teaching maths and ComputerScience and I'll do some consulting and programming.

Things of interest:


Normally, you have a base identity and in real life you have many identies: Being a father, a husband (or wife), colleague, boss, friend, uncle. Mostly identies (say roles) are overlapping (father and husband). You can view these roles/identies as object orientation. But not in the net! Why?


Just doing things better. Major interests are Finishing many years of software development and managing I recently started as teacher for computer science and mathematics. Now looking forward to have more time (and less money) to live my life.


Whisky smells good and tastes good. I like it. Not too much, but one or two glasses a week are perfectly sufficient. I prefer Single Malts from Scotland, but didn't stop to test other countries like Japon, US, Canada, France and of course Ireland. Near by lives an old Swabian farmer who distils his own whisky - not that bad. My favorites change with the seasons: Ants:

Fascinating little animals. I think one little ant is very stupid, but why do they build "cities"?

No ant can think about the whole complexity of its ant-hill. But the ant knows where to go, where to sleep and so on. I know as much about my city as an ant knows about its ant-hill. I know where to sleep, park, work, buy and I help the city do its job for all men.

What is the main difference? Yes, we can think that means doing more complex things. Yes and we build more complex ant-hills, eh, sorry cities.

Old Table:

I am a member of Old Table 138, Germany. And in 2003/2004 I was also the president ot Round Table 138.

My family:

My family is strictly private.


Sometimes very hard. But I love this.

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