Andy Dent

Software developer in Perth, Western Australia with a very very wide range of interests (and about 21 years experience as of April 2004).

No, this isn't intended to be a giant commercial (a lot of these tools are OpenSource).

(Deep breath) Core interests in software: If you are more formally interested in my services, look at but I'm currently on a 18 month term at the CSIRO, working in Predictive Mineral Discovery, stretching my scientific programming skills.

The more human side - I have two children from my first marriage, enjoy Ice Dancing, Scuba Diving and have been practising Chinese Martial Arts for most of my adult life.

I am also very interested in Solar House design, and we're now living in a house built to our design. I will eventually have pages posted showing the progress of the design process - we spent about 8 months refining it.


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