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Andy "Krazy" Glew

[Note: a "helpful" WikiGnome moved the contents of the AndyGlewWikiExperience here. I guess that's alright, but it sure stifles ongoing discussion in a big way. Andy, feel free to reverse this refactoring into a form you and the discussion participants are more comfortable with.]

Webpages, Wikis, etc.

Most of the links below are obsolete.

My most recent net.presence is at 'Old Stuff'

Obsolete, non-editable, university web pages:

For several years, I kept my CV and resume at Geocities, That was closed down n, what, 2009? Google docs and my own websites are now my, along with linkedin and facebook.

A public wiki, on a server that a friend has lent me space on: (BrokenLink 2004-11-11).

I ran several inside-AMD wikis - and, a few wikis at Intel, for that matter.

A novice wiki user... since, what, 1996? I guess that means that I am not really a novice any more. See AndyGlewWikiExperience?.

Some software relevant links: contains stuff on interests such as programming languages and coding standards.

The UWisc web pages are now orphaned. One day I hope to have broadband and a WebServer at home, so that I am no longer at the mercy of companies, organizations, and institutions. (2009: rented cloud server space for,, and Only the last was properly set up as of March 2010.


Software: A slow but sure programmer. A poor typist with carpal tunnel. Interested in the meta-processes of programming, as a way to make up for my poor physical skills. Interested in XP and lightweight methodologies.

Hardware: A computer architect. I.e. designs microprocessors, not buildings. Worked on the Intel P6 and MMX. Interested in XP for hardware design. Now at AMD!!


I used to work at "The Little Software House on the Prairie", Gould CSD/Motorola MCG with ScottPreece and BrianMarick, although not in the same group. BrianMarick made fun of my aspirations to design hardware - actually, he made fun of me in all ways, that just being one particular way.

It's because I was intimidated by you. That used to be my way of being tongue-tied. I'm better now.

No worries, Brian. I have, of late, realized just how advanced "The Little Software House on the Prairie" was. I don't think it's accidental that so many of us have had careers heavily influenced by software quality (you) or hardware quality (me).

Great, great web pages. Don't fix their semi-disorganized order. I loved that, too. Thanks! --WayneConrad

About the lack of lambdas in C++: take a look at -- AmirLivne

You asked a question on WikiFarms. It was moved to ComparisonShoppingWiki. Then an answer appeared.

Interested in XP for hardware design.

Yes, I would also find that interesting. longer at the mercy of...

Yes, I feel the same way -- I want to set up my own web server. I'm finding it hard to articulate why I spend so much time diddling with this stubborn box, trying to coax it into serving web pages, when I can (and have) put web pages on distant servers in a tiny fraction of the time. See ProgramComputersYouCanUnplug.

-- DavidCary

Came across your home page, and realized we had communicated in the past. I found some nice words you had written about FlowBasedProgramming while at UWisc. How have your ideas evolved since? --PaulMorrison


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