Argo Uml

An OpenSource (!!) UnifiedModelingLanguage-based Case tool with code generation, and much, much more.

It's also one of cleanest, most functional Java applications I've seen to date. Caveat: I've played with it a bit, but have yet to use it for work. -- DaveSmith

JasonRobbins? was writing it for his thesis. The idea was to give it cognitive support via a bunch of "critics", which are objects who poke around your models saying things like "Mightn't this be better as a singleton?" and so forth. -- LukeGorrie

This is a really nice tool. Unfortunately it didn't run well at all. It seems plagued with the usual Java GUI problems which are reported to be fixed in the latest version. The layout and features absolutely pummel those of RationalRose. -- DrewMarsh

There is a web-launched version of ArgoUML that can be run directly from the ArgoUML home page ( Sun's JavaWebStart must be installed first (in itself a *very* interesting and long overdue bit of technology). -- PrestonBannister

Argo is now in a very active bug cleanup and documentation mode. Quick Guide/Manuals/FAQS for Users and Developers, and a Developer cookbook to help developers build plugins to add new functionality. One of the more interesting ones is a Junit module.

The web site can be odd in places, but it's not too difficult to browse. Issuezilla can be slow because of a bug in the servlets delivering every email in the database...but it's getting fixed.

There is also a new set of Viewlets put together to demonstrate ArgoUml with NetBeans and RoboCode. As well StateDiagrams are modeled. You can check them out at

Sam's snail comment, along with Preston's pointer to the JavaWebStart (thanks man, very cool!), inspired me to look at Argo again & write this comment... I'm happy to report that Argo has gotten much better performance wise from where it was 8 months ago when I last looked at ArgoUml (back then, it did run like a snail).

I'm able to get both ArgoUML and NetBeans running at the same time!

The latest version (the March 2002 beta 0.9.7 in CVS) is much faster, and less flaky (maybe it's a JVM improvement???). It still gobbles up memory though--after 20 minutes of playing around and loading a couple of Java files in, I was up to 60 Megs. I don't know if Argo will ever pummel anyone, but it is free and easy to install (i.e., click on a web link and you are off & running--note: that was after 5 megs of dom.jar & argo.jar downloads, which happened automatically, plus I had to install JavaWebStart first). It looks like Argo could compete with it as a documentation tool at least. Plans are being discussed for making Argo command line so that you can generate your javadocs and diagrams from source code without having to 'open' Argo. This code is now in testing.

There is significant interest in improving the document generation aspect of Argo. Particularly for hyperlinking between diagrams, programmer notes and code. -- DennisDaniels

With Argo, I have to generate a bunch of HTML & JPEG files, which breaks my own personal OnceAndOnlyOnce rule on documentation. -- FrankPurcell
After the bug cleanup there will be opportunities to discuss lots of ideas! on the wish list now

The pricing: Does anybody know how much it costs?

It's OpenSource. You can download it for free. The cost to you is that you have to supply sufficient hardware to run it on.

Wow. Feels like Christmas.
May 1st, 2003 -- I spent 2 days trying to draw, save and load a simple statechart diagram without success. Every file became corrupted or entered a state where new elements could not be added to the diagram. Not ready for prime time.
Statecharts work for me, please enter any bugs you find at
August 2003 - new 0.14 beta release

Argouml ( has released a new beta version.

Download from

ArgoUml is an open source uml tool with cognitive support.

Over 600 issues have been resolved since our last release, making Argouml significantly more stable than its predecessors!

Every year Software Development Magazine gives awards to popular software development tools in various categories. This year ArgoUML was a finalist in the "Design and Analysis Tools" category. It received a runner-up award, beating many commercial tools.


Do you have the skills to contribute to Argouml as a uml/swing developer, translator, requirements analyst....? join our dev mailing lists at

Regards, Alex

Just in time! Since the UML is out of favor now :) (total FlameBait - seriously, it's great software)



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