Armchair Architect

One who can solve all the software world's problems from his armchair but considers actual implementation to be out of scope. Usually identified by a casual dismissal of real-world problems that many people have struggled with. As well as a dismissal of everything that anyone else has actually built as crap.

They have lots of seemingly great ideas that will be all things to all people but they avoid testing them with anything as crude as reality or running code.
Examples of ArmchairArchitectures? (the only way to get off this list is to point to an actual implementation):
A great example of ArmchairArchitecture, as seen on SoftwareProphet:

Oh, and:


This appears to be more like "sociopath" or "manic depressive" (in the manic state) than ArmchairArchitect.

Right, since according to the definition above, ArmchairArchitects are required to at least have some seemingly great ideas, and where are this joker's?

More from the same author, on SyndicateOfInitiative:

First Initiative has just gotten much bigger in scope, to certainly include:

It will probably also:


Sounds like Facebook to me.
As an antidote, this is a response from (non-OperatingSystemDesigner?) LinusTorvalds that has some bearing:

If you want "aesthetics", go play with microkernels, or other academic projects. They don't care about their users, they care about their ideas. The end result is, in my opinion, CRAP.

Linux has never been that way. The _founding_ principle of Linux was "compatibility". Don't ever forget that. The user comes first. ALWAYS. Pretty code is a desirable feature, but if prettifying the code breaks user apps, it doesn't get prettified.

Repeat after me: the goodness of an operating system is not in how pretty it is, but in how well it supports the user.

Make it your mantra.

If you think that Linux, or any Unix, supports its users then you really are a bloody idiot. In fact, if you believe anything that politician (Linus) says ... -- RK
Thanks Richard. Now that you've cleared that up I can wipe Linux from all my machines and install the far superior BlueAbyss. Now where do I download that from? And does it have support for my BullShitDetector3000?
See also AnalysisParalysis

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