As Unit

ASUnit is a TestingFramework written for MacromediaFlash's ActionScript.

There is a serious-looking AsUnit framework at - I haven't tested it yet, but wanted to put up the link so people can at least try it. -- HarlanWood

I just noticed the link to this page on TestingFramework. I was working on something like this myself a few months back, and had a very basic version working well enough to be promising, but not quite well enough to use regularly. I've since been distracted by other things, but if someone else is attempting a TestingFramework for Flash I'd dearly love to see it. I'd also be glad to dig up my old code, if it would be useful. -- MossCollum

I was the original author of this page. Unfortunately, I may have misled you, since my version is probably more half-baked than yours. To be honest, I use the JunitCooksTour to learn how to program in a particular language, but that usually only works if I actually have a project coming up in that language. I haven't had a full-blown project in Flash yet, but I definitely intend to revisit AsUnit when I get a chance to work on a Flash demo.

Actually, that sounds not unlike what I was doing, so our versions are probably both equally half-baked. I believe what tripped me up at the time was ActionScript's lack of support for exceptions.

I got sidetracked on the fact that if you try to call a function that doesn't exist (maybe you misspelled it), it doesn't throw an error of any kind, it just ignores it completely. Not that that should have stopped me, but then I got a real project.

There is a version for ActionScript 2.0 at by AliMills and LukeBayes and another one at --ChrisVelevitch?

LukeBayes now has AsUnit on GitHub He's asking to be forked.

Another one can be found at AsTuce. -- ZwetanKjukov

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