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The author factored the following contribution out of PleaseComment, because it could be a new interesting SeedPage?:

There are several services on the Web, like AskYahoo?. After my experience, they work very well. Why not AskWiki? This could be a candidate for a set of user-defined TwinPages. As each Wiki community accumulates dedicated expertise, this could be a helpful addon. A page, tagged with AskWiki (with many TwinPages to related peer wikis) could accumulate a list of more or less open questions. By the way, I have not yet searched to see if the domains,, ... are registered. If not, take this idea and use it to become a millionaire like the man who sold the domain "" for 3 million dollars. I gave the link for this info in (sorry, was just interrupted by my friend, who registered some seconds later for me, after the idea was posted here) the MeatballWiki. You may do the same thing with PleaseComment and join the first DomainsWiki as a wiki-entrepreneur.

So my answer for deciding on a new WikiWord is: Another approach is to use AskWiki as a tag in a TagWiki, whenever there is an open question. As long as nobody has realized a TagWiki, we have to use an annotation via DiiGo or TrailFire, manually setting the tag "AskWiki".

-- FridemarPache

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