Augmenting Human Intellect

Is the goal created by Douglas C. Engelbart in 1957.
"...research and development is being directed toward augmenting a "Core" Knowledge Workshop domain. This application system development is aimed expressly at supporting basic functions of knowledge work. An important characteristic of such systems is to interface usefully with specialized systems."

See also BootStrap. Also
Umm, why is this failed fantasy program relevant and GreatLeapForward not? CautionaryTale? value of the latter exceeds the values of this program that failed.
Should a Matrix-Like implant become available, one would hope the general public would have the option to opt in. Forced Borg implants a no-no, it should be obvious.

''One would hope, in fact, that compliance would be universal and enforced. Notions of democracy, freedom, and human rights are adequate starting points for individual and cultural growth, but it must be remembered that we are not individuals, we are a Species. "Individual" and "culture" are archaic notions. Just as a swarm of bees is defined by the Hive, rather than individual bees, true growth of Humanity must deprecate individual rights in favour of betterment of the whole. Fear of Borg assimilation is a naive trait, one that will limit human achievement. Instead, we should embrace it, with ourselves as the Collective.

When the Augmentation comes, I will be first in line. Then I'm going to push the rest of you in, whether you like it or not.''
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