Awki Awki

AwkiAwki is OliverTonnhofer's WikiWikiClone written in AwkLanguage.

Project homepage:

Demo site:

Read all of it at AwkiAwkiSourceCode when the link is established.

A set of little awk scripts working with some *nix utilities (ls, grep, etc). Based on text files.

It's very easy to set up, but unfortunately the PRE2 version on the website has problems with certain special characters in the URL decoding; the simple fix to this is in the CVS.

It works pretty nifty out of the box. Not to expect impressive features, tho. -- Someone who installed & tested it.

As it is so fast and so simple to set up, I have rolled out about 20 (seriously!) AwkiAwki wikis (with a couple of patches I wrote), including a now-indispensible personal wiki. -- Somone who installed it and now uses it daily.

It is very fast and has a versioning system based on RevisionControlSystem. -- Anonymous

I edited the test page of the demo site. After saving it, the edited page was displayed, and then refreshed, and then refreshed again, and then refreshed yet again, etc. I expect it'd be a nice wiki once the bugs have been resolved!!!

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