Babylon Translator

BabylonTranslator translates word under cursor (via screen OCR), from English to several other languages, even English to English. Has built in hypertext. Lots of functions, too many to describe here. It's free and very useful. -- FridemarPache

Useful for anyone to achieve PlainEnglish without having to study the language even?

The BabylonTranslator comes in handy for this free Web publication. -- fp
If you are interested to explore the English Language in depth, you might want to try the English Language Explorer.
"Come explore the wonders and quirks of the English Language including the parts of speech, sentences, style guidelines, usage, punctuation, spelling, and more. Exploring English is part of the Knowledge Explorer Center, published by Shared Visions Unlimited."

I suggested to the copyright-holder of the English Language Explorer GregDixon? to collaborate with the CritLink and the Wiki community.
See also EveryWordIsaLink.

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