Back Link Union

More of a question than anything. Has anyone thought about how to combine BackLink lookups into a search? It would be very cool.

Can you elaborate what you mean by that?

Sure. I'm of the mind that the most powerful feature in a wiki is backlinking through the titles. Along with free for all editing of course. So what I would like to be able to do is take the Union or Difference of two or more backlink sets. I'm thinking about a non ugly way of doing in a search field, as I've got my own wiki, maybe:

	[b:Kung'Foo U b:Foo'Bar]

or to avoid bracketing:

	[U: b:Kung'Foo b:Foo'Bar]

Of course I'd rather think of a smart way to do it through links. Half the value of backlinks is that they don't require typing. Maybe building your own pages as queries.
You could implement these QueryPages? the same way you'd implement InterMap functionality to talk to Google. So you'd have a NameSpace, let's say "qp:" followed by a comma separated list of WikiNames. In other words qp:JavaThree,CsharpVsJava would give you a dynamically generated page listing the union/intersection of the backlinks for those two WikiNames.--AdewaleOshineye

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