Band Aid


AntiPattern Name: BandAid

Type: Organisational

Problem: Management (or responsible co-worker) needs to solve

Context: There is a deep-rooted problem in a company/project that will cause the company/project to fail unless addressed.


Supposed Solution: Something quick and painless for the majority. Sometimes a requirement or policy change which satisfies PointyHairedBosses. More often than not, a workaround that gives the company/project a new gloss when really nothing has changed.

Resulting Context:

Design Rationale: ?

Related AntiPatterns: EmperorsNewClothes, ThrownOverTheWall, also employs the use of SmokeAndMirrors

Applicable Positive Patterns: ?

AntiPatternCategory: ManagementAntiPattern

Also Known As: TheQuickFix?, BuffAndShineaRustyCar?, CosmeticSurgery?

Examples in the Literature:

Examples in Practice:

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