Ben Tilly

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I also object to viewing physical reality as a mere mathematical construct. Yet, strangely enough, I believe that I have a reasonable understanding of mathematics.

Really, Ben? In that case, will you be the first to crack Q3 of MathQuizOne?

I have not seriously looked at it, nor will I have time for it soon. Here are the results of a glance... It seems that the first section is ill-defined. If you supply an appropriate definition, then both it and the second section can be solved with brute force, which can easily be written as a program. The third part has no obvious answer. If it is true, Vicki probably wrote down a function, and found a highly non-linear diffeq that it satisfied. Solving that is largely a form of luck since we have no general theory to assist. Since that seems hopeless, you would have to hope for the alternative, that a numerical solution indicates "No".

The first part is defined well enough. As for the third part, it's apparent you've not read others' comments, since at least one solver said that part was easy. Mind you, it's all easy given the right insights. -- VickiKerr


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