Beyond The Formless Form

After programming and learning patterns for years, programmers who continue the search for truth often come to the same realization. They have learned the basic and advanced patterns, and can now transcend patterns easily. They have become formless and are able to create unique solutions to unique context, realizing all of life and language holds metaphors and patterns they can apply. They have achieved the third stage in ThreeStagesInJeetKuneDo. Such transcendence makes a developer feel ungrounded, lacking in the solid foundation they were used to before. They continue to study their art, knowing the problem does not change, only the models. They may even regress, attempting to strictly formalize all their knowledge in the hopes of transferring it to others. Eventually, they realize that their wisdom cannot be codified so easily. The human context becomes paramount and they begin to apply IshinDenShin, often becoming more sociable with others. They avoid SlowDeath by expanding their interests and learning what it is to be human. They take the next step by searching outside computers for inspiration in their development.

I'd add that developers near this stage might end up at this wiki in the search for what they cannot name.

Developers at this stage may find the PatternDictionaryGame amusing.

Become one with the code...

ThreeStagesInJeetKuneDo metaphor:
Similar to TamingTheWildOx? see - When you pursue an object of interest (an Ox or something more abstract say Programming) and completely apprehend it, then release attachment to it, all concepts of "owning" or being "expert" at it (though you are). Return to society more whole and ready to serve because you have not just achieved but transcended what was once so elusive.
Title reminds me of QualityWithoutaName.
See: FiveStarProgrammer

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