Bill Zimmerly

On Friday, March 10th, 2000, I read about WikiWikiWeb in the Tibbets and Bernstein article, OnlineWatercooler.

I played with it for a while and began to realize what the people who frequent this site know; this is an awesome collaboration tool. In my humble opinion, WardCunningham has come up with the next great Internet age tool.

ThankYou, Ward!

The next day, I created this page and began enjoying the Wiki experience.
I live and work in St. Louis, Missouri. My job title is Systems Research and Development Manager at GenAmerica, a MetLife subsidiary. Most of my career has been as a systems programmer, and I prefer to program in zForth, my own custom version of Charles Moore's ForthLanguage. My resume can be seen at

Other facts about me include...

Here is a quick index to some of my favorite pages on this site...

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News and Information
(Originally this was on Ward's page. I moved it here tonight, 3/17)

Hey Ward, I think there's some problems with your system's search capability. No matter what I do, I'm not listed in the "CategoryHomePage", and nothing that I post appears on any search of my name. What gives? - BillZimmerly

Full text searches run against a copy of the database that may be up to a week old. See FullSearch. -- JeffGrigg

Thanks for the quick reply, Jeff, but some of the postings I've made date to longer than a week. By the way, I notice that we're neighbors (St. Louis), would you like to get together sometime over a beer? - BillZimmerly

Hey! I'm in Saint Louis too! -- JeffGrigg

Bill, sorry I missed you in St. Louis -- ErikMeade

That's okay, Erik, maybe next time...

Ooops, look like I can't calculate properly, it hasn't even been a week! Thanks for all of your help, Jeff!
My teacher for EJBs is MikeFreemon?, a fan of Websphere and Patterns.
Your being a gun nut doesn't justify spreading lies. Further, only Americans care what old American men may have said. And finally, you attempts to start a gun related flame war on a completely irrelevant page are not appreciated.
So who is the CowardlyAsshole? that posted that message to me? - BillZimmerly

That would be me; a bleeding-heart communistic anarchist. Incidentally, you seem to fit all the stereotypes of raving gun nuts (like overcompensating for a small dick by raving about "manly strength"). Save your rants for a page devoted to the subject. If such a page doesn't immediately get deleted for trolling.

As for being "unable to disprove" your ludicrous assertions the entire problem is that I have, multiple times, and I no longer wish to be bothered. And since I avoid arguments with right-wing American idiots, that's all I'm saying to you. -- RichardKulisz

Well, you're certainly being true to your self-described "communistic" label by rudely deleting other people's text instead of presenting any reasoned argument to refute them. Deleting other people's text is not only rude, but an admission that you lack the capacity to refute their reasonings. Classy move Mr. CowardlyAsshole?. (Someone else posted on this wiki that "RichardKulisz" is probably a fake name anyway.) - BillZimmerly

:) That is to laugh. Nope, I'm genuinely endangering my life by making so many enemies among the bloodthirsty barbarians to the south while using my RealName.

As for deleting "your" words, it appears you don't understand WikiSocialNorms if you complain about that. (Norms which are blatantly anarcho-communistic, Yankee boy.) There are too many established wiki traditions for what I did; like, removing an AmericanCulturalAssumption, removing lies, and/or removing troll-bait. The page benefitted.

If there's going to be political discussion on wiki then it better be enlightened and novel. None of that BS you can find (disproved) on a thousand websites already. -- rk

Fortunately for you, Mr. Ontario, I believe in Freedom of Speech and won't sink to your level of rudeness by hypocritically deleting your posts. I put no LIES, no TROLL BATE, nor anything worthy of your self-enlightened censorship to trigger. Furthermore, I am using my real name and I have enemies too. I don't care if they know my name or anything else about me because I'M NO COWARD - in marked contrast to YOU. - BillZimmerly

Laugh. Well, at least I can spel worth a damn. And my dick isn't so small that I feel a compulsion to degrade my enemies' manliness. Nor do I feel so scared and defenseless that I need the magical protection of a gun, or to intimidate total strangers by SHOUTING REAL LOUD.

Btw, it's not censorship to remove private conversations (like this exchange of insults) from one's own homepage; you ought to consider it. And another tip, since you're so new to wiki and all, sections (----) are meant to separate different subjects or discussions, not different authors. -- rk

I don't think that's quite right, Richard. I've seen many pages where sections separate different authors -- this may be a convention that's changed over time.

At any rate, you're assuming too much, Bill, if you think Richard's the (only) one deleting your recent page creations. -- FrancisHwang

The guy who's created a whole bunch of pages is JoeHill?. Bill is merely complaining that I removed a typical gun-nut rant (claiming that limiting access to guns increases homicide, a blatant lie, as well as quoting Ole Tommy as Americans like to do so much) from UnintendedConsequences. Perhaps he thinks he was being fantastically clever but I thought he was trolling. He apparently also took seriously the clever joke on my homepage about me being a persona of Ward's. Not a very good grip on realitp IMO.

I've also seen many pages where sections separate different authors. But if my shady memory serves, they were recent additions. Whether they were new or old, I think it's bad style. -- rk

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