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BizTalk is a strategically important MicrosoftWay MiddleWare product, which if successful, aim to topple BigBlue dominance of the MiddleWare market.

BigBlue CiCs (not WebSphere) is the real target. -- viewpoint of a WikiZen

BizTalk provides the interoperability to WebServices outside the MS world.

"BizTalk 2006", code name V-Next (Path finder - another source), is the next milestone for delivery of BusinessProcessManagement capabilities. Two other projects in the works from this project include: You can find more at:

from an earlier (pre 2004?) site ...

BizTalk is an industry ?MiddleWare initiative started by Microsoft and supported by a wide range of organizations, from technology vendors like SAP and CommerceOne? to technology users like Boeing and BP/Amoco. BizTalk is not a standards body. Instead, It is a community of standards users, with the goal of driving the rapid, consistent adoption of XML to enable electronic commerce and application integration.

They are defining the BizTalk Framework™, a set of guidelines for how to publish schemas in XML and how to use XML messages to easily integrate software programs together in order to build rich new solutions. Their design emphasis is to leverage what they have today - existing data models, solutions, and application infrastructure - and adapt it for electronic commerce through the use of XML.

BizTalk 2004, third and revamped version (earlier ones were BizTalk 2000, and BizTalk2002) now includes a rules engine, tight integration with DotNet, and uses BusinessProcessExecutionLanguage (BPEL4WS). See article at

Significant improvements in this 2004 version, sourced from, also include BusinessProcessExecutionLanguage support.

It is also said BizTalk leads other competitor products in its ability to provide WebServices support.

A component of the 2004 product, Human Workflow Services (HWS), aim to allow BusinessModeling to include manual processes. It is said to be on the way out after the debut of WindowsWorkflowFoundation. See

See more at

Can anyone advise whether a BizTalk 2000 trial CD has any practical use for a small DNA based development network?? Any good utilities or useful libraries included with it? --DavidLiu AnswerMe apparently has not worked well on C2 for other people as well


Came across a survey indicating BizTalk technical skills command second highest rate (after Identity type).

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