Black Berry

BlackBerry is a brandname for a PersonalDigitalAssistant that had a phenomenal growth in popularity, partly due to its good on-the-fly email and WirelessSecurity features. See

Some of the features of this unit require subscription to specialized BlackBerry services.

The device uses a proprietary operating system but there are JavaLanguage based models. Comments were made that this helped BlackBerry SecurityManagement features stand out amongst competitive WirelessDevices.

Fallen King of the SmartPhone

I looked at a mid05 glossay for a BlackBerry model 7100g. It claimed email attachments can be downloaded and viewed, including graphics, PDFs, word docs, etc. It also supporting viewing of HTML (and WAP) web pages. I am impressed. Sadly, after pretty much inventing the SmartPhone, it was swiftly killed by AppleIphone and GoogleAndroid apparently because it was unable to adapt and successfully compete against the new TouchScreen? devices. More on why it failed here:


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US Airport using BlackBerry for security checks at

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