Blame Game

This is a fun activity. Something that must be experienced at least once. It doesn't sound like a very nice game.

If you've never experienced it before, here's how it goes (one example anyway):

Start by identifying a serious problem. Then blame someone.

Blaming involves: The goal is to keep the BlameSession? going as long as possible.

Remember, at no point in time is anyone allowed to offer a serious remedy of the actual problem.

Bonus points for blaming people not involved in the meeting but keeping the BlameSession? alive.

The only way to end a BlameGame occurs when it seems inevitable that the BlameSession? cannot continue. At this point, election of a ScapeGoat should occur.

See also WorryDrivenDevelopment.
Please do not read CulpableGoat! It is not part of WorryDrivenDevelopment.

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