Boa Constructor

Boa Constructor is a RapidApplicationDevelopment tool for PythonLanguage written by RiaanBooysen?. It uses the WxPython, which is the Python language binding for WxWidgets (formerly WxWindows), and it is a forms-based RAD tool, similar to BorlandDelphi, but 100% interpreted Python instead of native-code compiling like Borland Delphi. It runs on Linux and Windows, and may offer support for MacOsx in the future if WxWidgets/WxPython is stable there.

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The term "BOA constructor" is also used in the CommonLisp community to refer to a type of constructor for structure objects. By default, when one defines a structure called foo with fields bar and baz, a keyword-driven constructor is automatically generated. This constructor is called like (make-foo :bar 1 :baz 2). However, one can also specify a constructor function that takes no keywords and expects its arguments in a given order, so that (make-foo 1 2) can be defined to be equivalent to the above make-foo call. As CommonLispTheLanguage states: "Because a constructor of this type operates By Order of Arguments, it is sometimes known as a BOA constructor."
See also: PythonIde, RapidApplicationDevelopment

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