Bobby Woolf

I am (Oct 2004) working at IBM as a WebSphere consultant, alongside KyleBrown. I have a book, EnterpriseIntegrationPatterns, co-authored with GregorHohpe, in the MartinFowler signature series. I'm also a co-author of the DesignPatternsSmalltalkCompanion, have chapters in the four PatternLanguagesOfProgramDesign books, and have written several articles in DeveloperWorks, JavaDevelopersJournal, and SmalltalkReport. And I chaired the PlopConference in 1999. You can reach me at

I have a new blog on DeveloperWorks at {1}.

Prior to IBM, I had a stent at the North Carolina Department of Transportation's I/T department, where I was reasonably successful in getting them to use the EclipseIde, JUnit (JavaUnit and JunitWithEclipse), TestDrivenDevelopment, and even some other ExtremeProgramming (XP) practices like PairProgramming. But we did it all without management's knowledge, and from what I hear, it all fell apart after I left. I've worked as a consultant for Versata and their VIS (VersataInteractionServer?) product, formally known as the VerveProduct, a product for modeling and running a WorkFlow. From April 2000-June 2001, I was at GemStone Corp. as a Senior Architect and member of their AdvancedApplicationArchitectureTeam (A3T) with RandyStafford, BruceWhitenack, and others. The team was developing collateral for GemStone's JavaSuccess site. While at GemStone, I also become personally interested in LeaderShip issues.

Before that, I contracted for almost a year at Interpath on the IPath project, also with BruceWhitenack. There I learned how to use the VerveProduct, a WorkFlow engine. Before that, I worked at SilverMark, my last Smalltalk job. I ported their testing tool from VisualAge to VisualWorks. Before that, I was a consultant at KnowledgeSystemsCorporation (KSC) for five years, where I specialized in VisualWorks, EnvyDeveloper, and design patterns.

My introduction to patterns came from KentBeck at OOPSLA '93. I remember that he was very excited about the concept but that I didn't understand what the big deal was. Sort of like the first time I heard about Smalltalk, actually. In both cases, I didn't really "get it" at first. My first tutelage in pattern writing came from KenAuer. He was how I ended-up attending PLoP '94.

KyleBrown and I have written a SmalltalkGraphicsFramework tutorial. It draws heavily from the GangOfFour book. I have also written a tutorial on the ValueModel hierarchy in VisualWorks Smalltalk that draws heavily on the GangOfFour book. I've also presented a tutorial about patterns at Software Development East '96; it really stood out against all of the Windows '95 and Java tutorials! Bobby also was the shepherd for the pattern language that JimCoplien wrote about WritersWorkshops.

I have a couple of chapters in the PatternLanguagesOfProgramDesign books: one on the ValueModel framework {2} in PLoPD-1, one about EnvyDeveloper {3} in PLoPD-2, and two chapters in PLoPD-3: The Null Object Pattern and The Type Object Pattern (co-authored with RalphJohnson).


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