Book Of Five Rings

Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645), Japanese samurai, wrote Go Rin No Sho a few weeks before his death. It contains 5 chapters dealing with the martial arts. Books cover the nature of Ground, Water, Fire, Wind and the Void as they pertain to fighting. Musashi gives these precepts in the first chapter (Victor Harris translation):

The book is a valuable discussion of strategy, even if it wasn't likely written by one person (there is even some question over whether there was one Miyamoto Musashi).

Very pragmatic and effective. Here is a quote cited in EveryoneShouldBeaMethodologist:

Musashi [...] commands the student of swordplay to always remember that his goal is to kill his enemy. He is not learning to parry, thrust, spin, whatever. He is not practicing a high block or a low feint. He is trying to kill his enemy. All the individual practices are means to that end.

And here I am thinking that the objective was to survive and kill his enemy.

And is in no way related to ThreeRingBinders ;-)

Who said anything about three ring binders?

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