Borland Kylix

Borland's port of DelphiLanguage to LinuxOs. Not FreeSoftware.

A nice product. Easy to develop small GUI applications. For large applications, nowadays a garbage-collected language is surely more appropriate? I look forward to some future Kylix-like product targetting the dotNet platform. -- RogerBrowne

Isn't it nice to see commercial practice and frameworks finally catching on to GC languages for this sort of development. Only took 25 years :)

So what's new? Delphi has been around for more than 5 years. Kylix is just one more platform to port it to. If you are looking for a garbage-collected language with the Kylix featureset, what about J-Builder? See LanguagePissingMatch [Yah, so what about C++? SmallTalk? Python? What's new? Comeon.... This is a BorlandKylix page...]

free trial download: ( BrokenLink ) ( TryInstead )

Q. How does this compare to FreePascal?

Well, FPC, LazarusIde (which uses freepascal) is similar to Kylix. FPC is more mature now than even kylix, as kylix is put on the backburner at borland/codegear. One can even use both compilers side by side since FPC has a "mode delphi" switch.


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