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BAXUG does exist! First meeting was March, 2001, at least one more monthly meeting has been held. See below for meeting reports. --DavidWarrenInWalthamMa


The next meeting of BAXUG will be held

[the first week of April?]

possibly in the coffee shop in the huge Barnes & Noble off I-95 in Burlington (right across from the mall).


I'm interested, and I've been thinking for a couple of months that the time has arrived for this to happen, but I'm allergic to administrative/organizational work so I won't offer to help. I'm focused on helping groups get started with XP and coaching them while they do it. Some time in the non-immediate future I'd be happy to talk about my experiences doing that, or my failures trying, or about XP in general, or about various specific topics in XP (cf., e. g.), or about reconciling East Coast Myers-Briggs Introvert developers (who are usually also NT) with Pair Programming.


I think it's time for action. I'll be at Hi-Fi Pizza in Cambridge (Central Square, right near the Middle East) at 8:30 PM, Thursday, February 1, 2001.

I'm usually the only one in there who looks much like a programmer.

If any of you show up, then it's our first meeting. If not, you're missing the best thin-crust pizza north of New York. --GeorgePaci

If you need more than two days' notice, you're planning too far ahead; if 8:30 is too early you're not working FortyHourWeeks. Sounds like you could use something called ExtremeProgramming -- oh, wait. :-) Anyway, I'll be there at 8:30 tonight (2/1/01), as advertised. Unless another location and time is decided on, I'll also be there at 8:30 next week (2/8/01), in keeping with short iteration cycles.

For anyone who needs more info: Hi-Fi Pizza and Subs is on Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge, between MIT and Harvard. It's in Central Square, just past the Middle East on your left coming from MIT. They also have beer.

After rush hour, parking is easy: if you don't see any on the street, there's a big municipal garage one street over to the left that charges a whopping 75 cents per hour.

If 128 is better for a big group of people, I work in Reading (right near where 95 and 93 cross north of Boston) at the moment. There's a few decent-priced restaurants in Reading, and even at rush hour it doesn't take long to get to most places on 95 north of the Pike. --GeorgePaci

Tom, I just hate the T. I hate being in a cattle car of people pressed aggainst the glass with the temp like 200 in there -). My years at Northeastern cured me of my desire to ever want to ride the T again.


Report on the First Meeting of the BAXUG:

The first meeting, held last Thursday, February 1, 2001, was a thoroughgoing success: we elected a dictator-for-life, established a personal slush fund for him (BTW, each of you needs to kick in $100), and set the time of the next meeting for this Thursday, February 8, 2001. And all of this was by complete consensus!

The only thing we really need to work on is attendance. I'm hoping to triple it at this week's meeting, to three. --GeorgePaci

Report on the Second Meeting of the BAXUG:

The second meeting, held Thursday, March 1, 2001 at the Starbucks at the Burlington Barnes & Noble, was a success in that it was attended by 3 (thereby achieving the goal set at the first meeting). Fruitful discussions were held about such topics and questions as:

- What it takes to start an XP project and how to adapt it to a company's developer culture.

- Specific experiences about why XP is needed (at attendees' companies).

- When should specific XP practices be overridden.

We solved the problem of how to identify which table was the *XP* table by displaying a paper with XP in large type.

I certainly found it useful and would like to participate in future meetings. How about having the April meeting back in Cambridge at Hi-Fi Pizza?

I'm not the group secretary but I could play one on TV (or at BAXUG) ...

-- DavidWarrenInWalthamMa


Please fill out the following survey, so we can better meet your needs:

Suggested Locations for Meetings: Suggested Times for Meetings:

Sorry I've missed this discussion up till now. Could we set up something in the Burlington/Waltham Area? I'd be happy to help with this. -- GlennGoldstein

I suggest we do 3 things:

  1. Set a day about two weeks away for the first meeting (i.e. around March 1st); 8:00 PM looks like the clear winner for a time.
  2. Fish for members on
  3. Spend the next week deciding on a place.

Right now, we have at best six people, evenly split between a central and a 128 location. --GeorgePaci

Okay, how about March 1st? Burlington works for me, how about the coffeshop at the huge Barnes & Nobles?


OK for me. -- MitchellModel

I'm also sorry I missed it (I've been on vacation), though that means we're practically guaranteed five people next time around. Even though, long-term, I don't like the Barnes&Noble location, I'm in favor of it for the next meeting, simply because we shouldn't mess with success. I think we should try for a second March meeting: March 15. Any objections? --GeorgePaci

I have to to skip this one too; sorry --StephenNg

I'll pay the rent! --DanilSuits

What time is the meeting today? --GlennGoldstein 8:30 PM (which I think is the same as last time) --GeorgePaci <grumble>I have to work out of Boston today so I'll be missing this one too. Bummer. --GlennGoldstein

OK, when's our next date and time? The first Thursday in April is the 5th -- is that good for everyone? Does anyone want a different location than the Burlington Barnes&Noble?

Let's set this quick, so we can fish for more members on the newsgroup. --GeorgePaci

I just saw a link to this from the XPfaq over at Any idea if there will be a May meeting? I will be driving down from Nashua so a burlington location is preferable. --AngusMezick

I heard from George that he is moving to DC so the idea of being closer to Boston doesn't help as much. Also, I am headed to ManJUG on May 9th up in Manchester at 5:30 ( --AngusMezick

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