Bowling For Geeks

Bowling has the potential to do for geeks what golf does for management types. It's an opportunity to talk shop in a relaxed setting. For geeks, bowling presents these advantages:

Actually, if you become a real addict - it is demanding. I started out bowling 2 to 3 games during my lunch hour. There was something about bowling that served as an antidote to the whole MonitorZombie thing. However, now that I'm out of work, I'll bowl 6 to 12 games at a time. It's great therapy and definitely works up a sweat! -- RachelStruthers

Several of the items on this list suggest that the bowling environment is a lot like the work environment. I think this makes it unsuitable as a fun, relaxed, social activity. The major attraction of golf for suits is that it gets people out of the office (see GettingOut). But maybe I'm just not enough of a geek anymore to appreciate the joys of sitting under fluorescent lights. -- KrisJohnson

It is very suitable. I bowl with a group of people who aren't geeks which is a nice change of pace. I also BowlAlone?. The advantage of the BowlAlone? thing is that you get into the ZenOfBowling. All that matters is throwing the ball. You forget about things like PointyHairedBosses and MicromanagingSadists. -- RachelStruthers

How ever, unlike Golf (GolfForGeeks?) or Geelf(RulesOfGeelf), Bowling still makes us geeks look like vampires. Until we have more outdoor bowling lanes, I think I'll try and find other forms of geeky fun.

Jason Ritchie rules the "All Sorts" League with an Iron Fist - supported by the trusty Gutter Pimps. Watch out, Larry, here we come!

A true MonitorZombie writes a bowling game! See RonJeffries articles at for suggestions.

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