Brad Appleton

Brad is a "sponge" - he absorbs vast amounts of information in short periods of time.

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(Brad, I hope you don't mind me getting you started with a Wiki page. Hey, if you read this, please don't erase your www link. There is good info there. -- MichaelBeedle)

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Gee, thanks for the intro, Mike (though I'm not sure I agree with the "sponge" part). I'll try to be brief:

I'm a software CM/ALM process+tools "solution architect". Basically that means I deal with development, deployment, improvement and support of CM and related processes and tools to assist in the application lifecycle management domain. I stem from a tool developoment background ("I'd rather write programs that write programs than write programs" ;-).

My current interest area is the intersection between Agile Development methods and Software Configuration Management. I have a related blog at, and a related "Agile SCM" column in's CM Journal (see and

Most of the early programs I worked on during the first decade of my career were things like general programming libraries, debuggers, version control tools, configuration management tools, problem/change/requirements tracking, test management, program analysis and comprehension, and scripts to automate all sorts of software development tasks (coding, testing, build-auditing, etc.). My primary areas of interest and expertise are in Software Configuration Management, O-O Design and Programming Languages, Unix scripting (Perl, shell, etc.), Patterns (of course ;-), and more recently, Agile Development and Enterprise Architecture.

SteveBerczuk and I wrote a book about SoftwareConfigurationManagementPatterns ( and I have a related site at which includes links to papers I've written or co-authored on Branching patterns, Build Management patterns, and other aspects of SCM.

I'm sad to say that I don't frequent the Wiki all that much as of late 2001.


-- BradAppleton


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