Bruce Winegarden

I am one of the co-founders of ProductSight a startup software company. I am acting as TheCoach for our XP team.

After attending XpImmersionTwo in March 2000, I resolved to change my career and get extreme. At that time I wrote, "For me it seems that XP is a ConversationYouCantStayAwayFrom. Now that I have attended XpImmersionTwo I want to figure out how to do more of it." I'm glad to have acted on my yearnings, or was it PairLust?

I previously worked for the world wide services group at SDRC with an emphasis on helping customers deploy Metaphase, a Product Data Management product.

My job title was:

  * Principal Methodology Architect

Truly grand? ;-) I was intimidated by how XP people reacted to this concatenation of XpTabooWords. I met AlistairCockburn at OOPSLA '99 and was amazed that someone else actually used the term MethodologyArchitect??. His presentation "Designing a Light Methdology" was very useful for me to understand and accept how XP complemented conventional development wisdom.


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