Career Terminating Move

The extreme form of a CareerLimitingMove.

There must be a ton of stories out there just waiting to be told...
What if you got another job for more money in a more interesting company? Possibly in another country? Your company is required to pay you three months' salary if they fire you, nothing extra if you quit. What do you do?

Tell your boss you are sick and arrive a week later showing no sign of illness, no doctor prescription, etc. Arrive very late. Tell everybody the project which was already late, is going to be even later because you were sick. Tell everybody your boss is incompetent, because he can't organize the people under him. Tell everybody your boss's boss is incompetent because the company is losing money because of him. Reject new job assignments because they are not well defined or they don't correspond to your job.

Act relaxed, smiley and talkative. Criticize openly all the stupid company policies that have no direct benefit on your performance. Do not accept being corrected when you know you are right. If somebody criticizes you, yell at them, saying that they are hurting the project and the company.

How many of us have employment arrangements that give us three months of severance, if we are terminated for cause? My employeer has a nice package for those employees who are LaidOff, but if you commit acts like gross insubordination, payroll fraud, etc... the only severance package you're likely to receive is an escort out the door by a security guard. Unless, I suppose, you are a CEO. -- ScottJohnson

And anyway, what kind of shmuck are you that you want to rip the firm off for three month's worth of wages when you've already made a deal someplace else? Stay away from me, pal.

-- There is a long standing saying I've learnt to live by. "Don't burn any bridges!". You could find yourself working with and for these individuals again - perhaps on the interview panel at your next job? --Alex Scarbro

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