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CategoryBigPicture is for pages on trends and developments of topics of general interest to the WikiCommunity. CategoryWorldView is used for something else (e.g. religion).

For example, most of us would be interested in the changing globalized economy, as our own financial interests are linked into it.

This trial category started for inclusion within the CategoryEmployment (in fact within the old Category Career Employment and life strategies).

ExtinctionOfHumanity is THE BigPicture

Contributing factors "The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur." The orld revolves around time and money

What AlfredNorthWhitehead said 90 years ago, quoted later in the MarshallMcLuhan book MediumIsTheMessage, is becoming frighteningly more real every day. We are approaching anarchy with AnythingGoes on the on hand, and caught squeezed by the equally undesirable fundamental and ultraright movement of old and new religions.

ExtinctionOfHumanity is not an inevitability

see FriedrichSchiller and his philosophy.
BigPicture - Structural change of recent decades (from "Confronting Reality" book excerpt at
Regarding ReligionOfTheEternalMoment, it was cited in LifeAsaDream, taken from TheBible
 Where there is no vision, the people perish
Lacking clear vision and directions, the younger generation can nolonger develop a PurposeDrivenLife, they lack the Spirit to nurture the Soul, and waste away their Body

People can and routinely do find meaning and purpose without someone imposing directions upon them. More generally, not a single one of the things listed - even if you accept them as valid - would actually have anything to do with humanity's survival, only its prosperity, creativity, and the like. The only exception is TooManyPeople, and that for other reasons. A lot of them don't even apply to modern people in general. Are you maybe confusing Homo sapiens with particular aspects of particular civilizations?

Ah, ok. That's still not too likely, as discussed on the pages linked to, especially since mankind is generally more humane than it was in the past, as discussed elsewhere; but at least it makes sense how you're developing the idea.

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