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DesignPatterns concerned with concurrency issues are collected in the CategoryConcurrencyPatterns.

Aliases: Parallelism, ParallelProgramming.

Concurrency vs. Parallelism: since people get these confused all the time. In general, concurrency allows for parallelism, but does not strongly imply it. That is, one may sequentially execute a concurrent program, only interleaving when synchronization between tasks is required. Further, parallelism does not imply concurrency; it is often possible for an optimizer to take programs with no semantic concurrency and break them down into parallel components via such techniques as task pipelines, wide vector SIMD operations, divide-and-conquer.

These concepts aren't even especially related in practice. There is great interest in ParallelProgramming from the scientific and multimedia (e.g. motion picture) industries. There is great interest in concurrency from the distributed systems and systems software folk. Fortunately, it is often possible to combine the techniques in a (mostly) orthogonal manner.

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