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CategoryCountry is a category defining all the country pages on this wiki.

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  1. AustriaEurope
  2. ArgentinaCountry
  3. BelgiumEurope
  4. CanadaCountry
  5. CommonwealthOfAustralia
  6. DenmarkEurope
  7. EnglandCountry
  8. FranceEurope?
  9. HungaryEurope
  10. IcelandCountry?
  11. LatviaEurope
  12. NorthernIreland
  13. NorwayCountry
  14. RomaniaCountry
  15. RussiaCountry
  16. ScotlandCountry?
  17. SwedenEurope
  18. SwitzerlandCountry
  19. TheNetherlands / NetherlandsEurope
  20. UnitedStatesOfAmerica


Do not depend on reverse searches from pages on the above list having any useful value. To find out about software groups in Switzerland, I would not advise depending on the pages with the information having a WikiBadge of SwitzerlandCountry (which does not turn up such pages as XpAdoptersGroupSwitzerland, XpAdoptersGroupSwitzerlandHistory, XpTrainingClasses, XpTrainingClassesSwitzerland). Instead, use the "Find" link at the bottom of every page and search http:fullSearch?search=Switzerland.

Note that EU member states are given the Europe postfix. Countries in continental Europe but outside the EU are given the Country Postfix, so Russia is RussiaCountry, not RussiaEurope?.

So isn't England in the EuropeanUnion? EnglandEurope?, surely. No. England is in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UnitedKingdom of GreatBritain and NorthernIreland) The UnitedKingdom is a member of the EuropeanUnion, so UnitedKingdomEurope? would be consistent.

Now wait just a cotton-pickin' minute there. Since when is "Europe" equivalent to "European Union"? I know that some millions of inhabitants of east-European but non-EuropeanUnion countries would be annoyed at that view. And doesn't show that changed usage for "Europe" yet:

  1. continent of the eastern hemisphere between Asia & the Atlantic area 3,997,929 square miles (10,354,636 square kilometers), population 498,000,000
  2. the European continent exclusive of the British Isles

That does raise a related point, though, that I started wondering about a few years ago but always forgot to ask people about: do the English or other U.K. folks regard England as part of Europe? I've gotten conflicting impressions on the subject.

It depends on the context. When the EU is discussed, Europe may include EU countries only. When, say, travel "to Europe" is discussed in the British Isles, Europe is usually the continent of Europe, excluding the British Isles. These are best regarded as variations on a strict definition which includes the British Isles and is not restricted to EU countries.
From May 2004, we have:

  1. HungaryEurope
  2. LatviaEurope

and, if required, similar pagenames for Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.

Please be prepared to update your links.

Furthermore Romania or Bulgaria are on the same continent so RomaniaEurope? or BulgariaEurope? is right as well.

What I propose is

GermanyEU AustriaEU SwedenEU

And so on, where they EU is a sign for charisma or similar distinction against others that are not in this club.


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