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Metaphors aid thinking and provide a framework or model in the mind upon which new structures may be built. Click on the page title to find pages in this category.
There are two not-completely-separate discussions of metaphor on this Wiki, one dealing with the ways in which software-based products are viewed metaphorically by their users. For instance, the way in which Quicken seems to be your checkbook, or the way a word processor seems to be a typewriter. The other discussion deals with metaphor used in the software development process itself. For example, XP's SystemMetaphor. High level designs are often metaphorical, such as a "network backbone". These two discussions are not essentially different. I just distinguish them because the latter has directly to do with the quality of software engineering, whereas the former does not.

The essence of metaphor seems to be to ignore observed differences in order to generate new thoughts and insights. It seems inherently part of invention process, but it's antithetical to specification, and therefore its place in engineering is suspect. The key to excellent software engineering (a term way too overloaded to be useful) may be in discerning when metaphor is helpful, and when it is detrimental. (From WhatIsMetaphor)
The pages describing metaphors need refactoring.

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There are also analogies and similes. (Analogy and Like)
This all looks like a rather neglected corner of the wiki.

Perhaps there is room for some dedicated WikiGnome to dig in...?

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