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Physicists with pages on this wiki include: NicolausCopernicus, GalileoGalilei, IsaacNewton, JamesClerkMaxwell, MaxPlanck, AlbertEinstein, NielsBohr, WernerHeisenberg, ErwinSchroedinger, RogerPenrose, PaulDirac, StephenHawking, RichardFeynman

Pages on physics include: SpaceTime, GeneralRelativity, QuantumPhysics, QuantumMechanics, BlackHole, WormHole, ExoticMatter, AntiGravity, QuantumComputing, QuBit, HeisenbergUncertaintyPrinciple, TimeTravel, BigBang, TheSingularity, GrandUnifiedTheory, TransactionalInterpretation (of QuantumPhysics), CopenhagenInterpretation (of QuantumPhysics)

Pages on physics (related) books include: TheEmperorsNewMind, ShadowsOfTheMind, GeometricAlgebraForPhysicists, TheGeometricUniverse, CartoonGuideToPhysics, QuantumMechanicsForEngineers

Pages about physics experiments and applications include: TravellingWaveTube, SchroedingersCat, TimeTravelThoughtExperiment, BellsInequality, BallBearingExperiment


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