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Press the title to see all DesignPatterns that have been categorized as StructuralPatterns. This is the GangOfFour category of patterns that use various language mechanisms for structuring code and assembling objects.

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If you don't want to click the title above, here's a manually-edited list of structural patterns. The following are GangOfFour patterns

The following are not in the GangOfFour book.

(Do we really need to list these as 'GoF patterns' and 'not GoF patterns'??? -- AshodNakashian) (Yes. It makes sense to keep the separate as people who are not in the know can learn about how the world has changed and evolved to expose new patterns and protopatterns -- raulrojas)

If Iterator is a pattern, what about Map and Collection? Throwing things into a Map is a common way of dealing with certain types of problems.

An iterator is itself a solution to a common problem, namely the problem of traversing members of an aggregate object without having to know the internal structures used. Map and Collection are data structures, not solutions to specific problems. However, they can be involved in certain solutions to certain problems; if the problem is common enough and the solution is proven, they (problem+solution) can grow into a pattern.

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