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To improve searching, wikis can use metadata by simply including a URI for the metadata they wish to reference. This pretty much limits the page to a category, but is quite helpful for wiki searches.

The simplest categories to use are the open directory categories, as they are used by the ResourceDescriptionFramework crowd as well for metadata.

For example, every wiki that wants to be identified as such by searchers should have a link to somewhere in the wiki pages.

A wiki on ExtremeProgramming would include somewhere in the wiki. (See OpenDirectoryProject)

For metadata, these links are URIs, not URLs, and don't necessarily link to anything (although the open directory ones do).

If a wiki uses categories, each category wiki page is a good place to have URIs representing the metadata.

It would be nice if there were a wiki syntax for triples.

Is ResourceDescriptionFrameworkInAttributes a more general solution to this problem? -- JohnFletcher
See WikiStyleRss
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