Christian Taubman

I think SpecializationIsForInsects, so I like to do a lot of different things. Most of them are outside (sailing, canoeing, skiing) but I also try (and usually, it must be admitted, fail) to take advantage of the myriad cultural opportunities in BostonCity?, where I live.

Oh yeah, I also love to write software. When it comes to that I'm interested in DesignPatterns, ExtremeProgramming, and anything else that might help with the unsolved problem that is developing large and complex software systems. Programming has had me hooked since I first played with BASIC on the AppleIi at school. What could be cooler than building something and watching it work right in front of your eyes? Throw a small team of people at a problem and you can really get things done.

The more software I develop the more I see people and their relationships as the things that really make a difference.

I'm Australian by birth, went to High School in Hawai'i, and went to university in Boston, so don't ask me where I'm "from" ;)
I now work for ThoughtWorks. It's a great place.
I spend a lot less time here than I used to. The atmosphere on this Wiki has changed, and the SignalToNoiseRatio has decreased for me. If ya wanna talk, drop me an email at:
 username = wiki

I also throw some thoughts up on my blog at

My all time top 10 list of books relating to software development:


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